Calendar of Events



Club Calendar 2021


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28th Jan Club Meeting Scrabble & Countdown – Mark Nyman
11th Feb Club Meeting History of Rubber Technology – John Kerwin
25th Feb Club Meeting Henry&Julius Caeser – Knutsford Summer House Builders 1871-1939 –             David Bryant (M)
11th Mar Club Meeting Happy Days – John Geary (M)
25th Mar Club Meeting The Winged Messenger – Prof Nigel Linge
8th Apr Club Meeting The Egertons of Tatton Park – Dave Thomas
22nd Apr Club Meeting The Bentley Boys – David Skillen
13th May Club Meeting The Future of Money 2019-2050 – Alan Trayes
27th May Club Meeting The Sanctuary of the Trenches – Barbara Foster
10th June Club Meeting Worse Things Happen at Sea – Brian Price
24th June Club Meeting Behind th Mic’ at Radio Lancashire – John Clayton
8th July Club Meeting Antibiotics, A History of their Discovery & Development – Andy Whittaker (M)
22nd July Club Meeting South American Journey. Travel to Brazil, Uruguay & Argentina – Hazel Griffiths
12th Aug Club Meeting Life Lessons from Public Speaking – Georgina Kirk
26th Aug Club Meeting Cheshire Ancient Mariner – Tony Bostock
9th Sept Club Meeting Bringing the Law to Life – Sue Holden
23rd Sept Club Meeting Napoleon, Wellington & Waterloo – Dave Walmsley
14th Oct Club Meeting Sent to Siberia – Prof Terry Callaghan
28th Oct Club Meeting Selling Beer – Alan Eastwood
11th Nov Club Meeting Robbie Burns – Alan Cooper
25th Nov Club Meeting A Guest at the Knutsford Hotel – Elizabeth Morris
9th Dec Club Meeting Hale & District U3A Ukulele Band – Jean Peters
Club Meetings are currently being held online by Zoom.