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Chairman Alan Jolley warned members at the last meeting of the dangers of wearing the Club Name Badges.
He said that the badges were now issued with a leaflet stating that the magnetic fastenings should not be placed close to bank cards and credit cards and more importantly, that they must be kept well away from heart pacemakers and similar medical appliances.
Much safer but equally magnetic was the talk entitled “A Cool View of Global Warning” by Neil Hampshire. He backed up his case that global warning was largely a natural phenomenon linked to the sun spot cycle, with extracts from scientific papers and other data.
Mr Hampshire answered many questions from members who agreed that his talk was one of the best this year.
On an entirely different subject – “Who Makes Money Out of Football”- Rory Miller will be the speaker at the next meeting which will be followed by a Club Lunch.
The Bowls dinner will be at the Dunn Cow on November 22nd, while the visit to the Tatton Christmas Concert will be on December 8th.