Dining Events

As part of the Club’s social programme two types of Lunches are held.

Firstly, on a quarterly basis, reasonably priced Lunches are held after a Club meeting. These are for members and any guests who may be attending on that day at our normal meeting venue. Occasionally however they may be held at a pub not too far away from the meeting venue.

Secondly, the Club has Summer and Christmas Lunches at Hotels in the area. This year the Summer Lunch was held at the Deanwater Hotel Woodford and the Christmas event will be at Statham Lodge Lymm.

For these functions wives, partners and friends are invited to attend.


We were able to hold 2 events towards the end of the year.

Firstly, we held a Club lunch at the Mere Club in November attended by 25 members.

This was followed by our traditional Christmas lunch at Statham Lodge Hotel Lymm in December. We had 46 members and guests booked for this event but sadly illness prevented 5 people from attending. 46 was a slightly disappointing number but hopefully by next year members will feel more confident about attending a largish gathering. It was a very enjoyable lunch and was well received by members and following the age old theory of if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it we have made a provisional booking for Wednesday 14 December 2022 at the same venue.

In the hope that we are able to hold a Summer lunch in 2022 we have carried forward our 2021 booking at the Deanwater Hotel Dean Row Wilmslow to Wednesday 15 June.

We anticipate holding 4 of the normal Club lunches at the Mere Club in 2022, starting with one on the occasion of the Club AGM towards the end of February.

Terry Parkinson – Dining Secretary