The walking holiday based at the Hawksmoor Guest House Windermere which was booked for April 2020 but had to be cancelled has been reinstated for 20th to 22nd April 2022.  So far there seven bookings for the trip. Contact Scott Martin for further details. Although he has already planned the five half day walks it is possible that attendees will have the option of “short” walks and other activities if there is sufficient interest in those. Cost of accommodation is approximately £200 for two nights in en-suite room at an upmarket guest house.


The Club has been walking for thirty years and has developed dozens of half-day walks, mostly circular, with great pub lunches. Many non-walkers turn up for the lunch, or is it just the beer, but anyway always for the camaraderie.

Walks are recorded not only in book form – “Favourite Family Walks Around Cheshire” our own in-house publication – but also digitally, showing route maps and the best pubs.

Extensive Range of Digitised Walking Maps

The image right is an extract from one of our walks in Lathkill Dale, Derbyshire using our extensive archive of digitised walking maps, available to club members only. Click HERE.

In normal circumstances we meet fortnightly on Thursdays (first, third and fifth in the month) and motor together to the start. Morning walks are “Long” (around 5 miles) and “Strollers” (up to 3 miles) and are generally non-aggressive; you may have noticed that Cheshire does not specialise in hills. Although in the summer months we do venture further out into the Peak District and the Welsh Marches.

The leader will have recce’d the walk to ascertain its viability and whether the pub is up to scratch. One prominent leader is renowned for having arranged a circular walk which he guaranteed was downhill all the way!

Wives, girlfriends and guests are all welcome.

Walks are Fun!

Walking is an ideal exercise for those in retirement. When you combine this with all the chattering and socialising that goes on, even the weather cannot dampen the enjoyment.

There is, of course, one beneficial side effect; you may accidentally get a bit fitter.

Due to licensing restrictions access to the maps and details of all Rex Club walks is via the following password protected site.

[If a member receives a message “Can’t connect securely to this page” when trying to access the maps page it is due to the user having  BT Web Protect blocking access to the OneDrive link.The workaround (for BT customers) is to switch off BT Web Protect by going through BT Broadband settings.]


2020 was my first year as Walks Secretary.  The Covid-19 restrictions had a significant impact on the walks programme.   Within a couple of weeks of taking on the role in early February and with support from recent walk leaders, Jerry Bentley and David Howard, it was possible to quickly agree the walks programme for the year and to book a walking holiday for eight members in April. 

We did not know this at the time but our walk on 5th March with lunch was to be our last walk for some time.  Four of us walked informally at Astbury on 19th March without lunch.  On 23rd March, the Government put the country into “lockdown” and our walks programme was suspended and the walking holiday cancelled.  Over time the Government has imposed restrictions at one level or another and when we have been able to walk arrangements have tended to be on a week-to-week basis.  As the restrictions were slackened, we were able to walk in a group of six and have lunch at a public house restaurant as a group of six.  On occasions, we had two walks in two separate groups with two walk leaders.

On 21st May, Andy Whitaker invited me to walk with him for almost five miles on a local route to establish a suitable walk for a walk without either car travel or a pub visit.  The walk would start and finish at my home, which is near open countryside to the south of the town and return there for a picnic lunch.  We invited several walkers to join us on 25th June on the clear understanding that this would be a private walk and not a Rex Probus event.  Subsequently, several KRP walks started and finished there followed by a picnic lunch in the garden, supplemented by a few chilled beers.

In recent months we developed a revised planning sheet that includes a risk assessment for each walk with a specific focus on Covid-19 risks. The content is based on information provided on the “Ramblers” web site for group walks and I believe we will need to adhere to this process for a long time to come.

In all we managed 18 walks.  The final walk was our annual walk in Tatton in two groups of six.  Several other members joined us at the end of the walk for Christmas goodies and the traditional drop of the hard stuff or wine for those that wished to participate, albeit still in groups of no more than six.

We were all sorry to see Colin Bowman, a stalwart of the walking group leaving Knutsford in November for a new life in Devon.  A walk was organised as his “swansong” which was well attended and although we were unable to have a farewell lunch with Colin, we did manage to share some socially distanced beers in my garden after the walk with the club Chairman saying a few words to thank Colin for his support of the club and its walking group and presenting him with case of Tatton Brewery beers to be enjoyed once in Devon.

I believe that we made the most of the situation we found ourselves in and I pay tribute to the stoical members of the walking group who are keen to walk whenever the opportunity arises.  Of course, the walking group is not just about walking for exercise – it is also for spending time with others, experiencing new walks and seeing new places, and a convivial lunch at a pub restaurant.  Hopefully, we will be able to return to the traditional format later in 2021.  As we go into 2021, we are currently unable to walk as a group and await any change in restrictions that allows us to get walking again.

Scott Martin

Walks Secretary


Throughout 2019 the section has continued the tradition of holding a long walk on virtually every Thursday in the year when there was not a Club meeting. These walks have been well supported by a “hard core” of about eight regulars, but good weather, or a particularly interesting walk can see numbers swell to as many as 14. Special events such as the Bowlers vs Walkers day and the pre-Christmas Tatton Park walk followed by lunch in the Town have been very well supported with over 20 members and partners at both events.

Regrettably maintaining a regular short walk programme has proved impossible in spite of strenuous efforts from Mike Johnson. Just at the moment there seems to be little support from the members for regular short walks. Anyone with the enthusiasm to breathe new life into this pleasant and healthy activity would be most welcome!

For the second year in succession a 3 day walking holiday was held, this time based on the splendid accommodation provided by the Business Centre at Bangor University. This venue gave the 6 holidaymakers easy access to the coast of Anglesey and the hills of North Wales. The holiday was blessed with reasonable weather until the last day, when Llanberis welcomed us with traditional Welsh horizontal rain.

There is always time to stop for a photo opportunity. [Walking Holiday.]

The Club would particularly like to thank those many members who have regularly planned and led walks through the year. Special mention should be made of Scott Martin and Peter Maxwell who have broken new ground by introducing the very successful innovation of rail travel to facilitate novel city centre walks. Jim Flett is also to be thanked for maintaining his ever useful data base of the routes we have travelled as are Scott Martin and Alan Allcock for ensuring that walkers are always to be found on the Club Website, pictured smiling, usually at some beauty spot or windswept hill top.



The group beneath the impressive Aber Falls on Day 1.

Six members stayed at Bangor University for a walking holiday in North Wales that was arranged by Jerry Bentley.  There were five walks over the three days: – 

 From Abergwyngregyn on the “North Wales Path” to Aber Falls taking in wide views of the North Wales Coast and Anglesey;

  • from Newborough Nature Reserve and forest on Anglesey through the forest and sand dunes and along Llanddwyn Beach to Llanddwyn island with its view across the Menai Straits to the Snowdon range of mountains;
  • on Anglesey from Llanddona beach at Red Wharf bay to a hill fort;
  • a circular walk from Brynsiencyn following the Anglesey Coastal path with views of Caernarfon and its Castle; and
  • from Llanberis for a circular walk around the lake, “Llyn Padern”, passing a steam train, slate museum and on the return walking along what was a railway line, now converted to a walkway. Magnificent views of Snowdon.

The group rest for a while for a photo opportunity.

On the second evening the group dined at a restaurant by Bangor pier. The weather was ideal for walking on the first two days and very wet on the third day.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to spend together in a most collegiate way.

More photos may be seen on our Gallery page.

Walks’ Secretary’s Annual Report for 2018

The Club’s walkers have had another very busy year carrying out a total:

  • 24 long walks
  • 9 short walks
  • 1 walking holiday
  • The annual Walker’s & Bowler’s day
  • The annual Christmas Walk in Tatton Park followed by lunch in Don Giovanni’s

The Long Walkers were out in all weathers throughout the year on the first, third and when there was one the fifth Thursday of the month and covered approximately 130 miles. I am pleased to report that as planned Mike Johnson has successfully re-invigorated the short walks on the first Thursday of each month (mostly) and there have been a total of 9 of these, but not including the joint walks on the Walker’s & Bowler’s day and the Christmas walk. Well done Mike!  It should be noted he has been well supported in his endeavours by Evelyn Flett, Mike Cooper and Peter Hayes who have in turn led walks.

After several years of debate we had our first walking holiday after many years. This was up into the glorious Yorkshire Dales in an around Wharfedale and Skipton.  Six members ventured onto the trip, which was superbly organised and led by Jerry Bentley.  Two nights were spent in a delightful Skipton guest house (serving fabulous breakfasts) and we crammed in three walks totalling about 25 miles in length.  Plans are afoot to repeat the venture but this time in North Wales.

We maintained the Annual traditions of the annual Walker’s & Bowler’s day in October and the annual Christmas Walk in Tatton Park. The Walker’s & Bowler’s day included a walk around Arley Hall and lunch at the Spinner & Bergamot, Messrs Whittaker & Howard took all before them in the bowls to shouts of ‘fix’, demands for re-counts and blood tests.  Mike Cooper was unanimously voted the Knutsford Rex Probus Club – Mike Johnson Trophy for the ‘Sport’s Personality of the Year’.

Again I am pleased to record my gratitude to Jim Flett for his continued hard work to keep up to date his data-base of long walks which is available on to our new website, along with an electronic copy of the Club walk’s book and with other miscellaneous related documents, maintaining an invaluable tool for the planning of walks.

Unfortunately the annual Spring all day walk dropped off the radar in 2018, but it is hoped to re-introduce it with an all day trip to Rawtenstall, via the East Lancashire Railway in 2019.

This is my last walk as the Walk’s Secretary as it is planned for me to succeed Ken Ackroyd as Talks’ Secretary.   So may I express my gratitude to all the walk’s leaders for their support over the last couple of years.  Jerry Bentley has kindly agreed to take over and I wish him well.

David Howard