How to Join



The Knutsford Rex Probus Club is a small and friendly Retirement Club, a group of men from a wide variety of commercial, business and trading backgrounds who are looking for interesting and lively retirement activities. We have members who were farmers, engineers, planners, accountants, doctors, managers, technicians and anyone who’s had a measure of responsibility in any field of endeavour. We have no more than 60 members so that we maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere of fellowship with a shared sense of fun. And we are now recruiting!



We meet twice a month in the morning of the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at the well-appointed Mere and Tabley Community Club on Warrington Road in Mere, Knutsford, where we kick off with coffee and a friendly catch-up chat, followed by a brief Club Business Meeting in which we set out our many forthcoming activities. This is followed by a talk by a really first-rate professional speaker. Afterwards that we gather in the bar for a further hour for more socialising and putting the world to rights!


But the strength of our Club, for which we are well-known throughout Cheshire, is the wide variety of our social activities, to which, most importantly, we invite our Partners. These include:


  • An active Bowls Section which pitches its strengths in matches against other Probus Clubs in the Summer months, with indoor sessions in the winter. We also play an annual triangular Golf tournament against two other local Probus Clubs. We have an active Walks Section which heads for the hills on both long and short local walks twice a month, whatever the weather, followed by an excellent Pub Lunch, and an annual Walking Holiday, in the Lake District for example.

  • We mount a wide variety of Social Events every year, including interesting Factory Tours and visits to famous Gardens, Museums and Stately Homes, often with exclusive tour guides. For example, over the past couple of years, we have gone round a Nuclear Power Station, Chester Zoo, an Art Gallery, a Football Stadium and the mysterious high-tech Waters factory on the outskirts of Wilmslow!

  • We also make regular trips by coach to theatre performances in Manchester for example, sometimes with dinner. We mount a series of friendly Bridge matches with Supper in the winter season. We hold several Club Lunches at the Mere and Tabley Club each year, and visit really nice local Restaurants at Christmas and in the Summer. And we also organise a five-day Holiday, complete with a full programme of exclusive local visits, to an interesting destination in the UK each year, such as Conwy and York.

  • A Discussion Group meets monthly to deliberate over cerebral matters, current affairs, and the downright trivial – never conclusive, always friendly and over a pint! We are also blessed with several members who, with their one-time profession or just plain enthusiasm, run our monthly IT Section to keep us up-to-date … and safe on-line!


We encourage you to browse our extensive website – search Knutsford Probus or enter to see the full extent of our activities and to gauge the fun and friendship which we enjoy.



Joining is really very simple – you just need to be fully or partly-retired – and we always welcome new applications for membership. Please come along as our guest to a couple of our Thursday Club Meetings, so you can get to know us – you will be made most welcome.

Just email our Club Secretary ([email protected]). And you don’t have to be from Knutsford!