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27th October 2022 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Mr Steve Shakeshaft, who gave a talk entitled ‘Chester Uncovered’.

Chester Cross and Timber Buildings

Steve introduced himself as a self-employed Chester tour guide, and gave a very well-illustrated talk and slide show based on a walk around the Chester City Walls.

Starting at the Town Hall, he gave the history of the building, and how it was completed late and over budget before moving on to the Cathedral, Abbey Gate and the Georgian Abbey Square.  He talked about when the area was used as a very wealthy monastery, before commenting on the Roman plans for Chester.  The city had once housed 5,000 of the 20,000 Roman Soldiers who came to Britain, and was destined to be the capital.  The remains of the Roman amphitheatre which are visible today, are only a part of the original 8,000 seat stadium.  The Roman garden includes many original Roman features, including the raised floor which was used to provide underfloor heating 2,000 years ago!

Steve also showed pictures of many more recent structures, including the “Nowhere Cottage”, which inspired the Beatles song “Nowhere man”.  He showed the last timber house, which dates back to 1654, shortly before the Great Fire of London led to a ban on timber houses, the last remaining Tudor house and the Oddfellows hotel, which dates back to 1685.  This includes a room based upon ‘Alice through the looking glass’, with a room furnished upside down!

Steve concluded his talk with Chester Cross which dates back to mediaeval times.

21st October 2022 – Bridge Evening

The Rex Probus Supper and Bridge Evening was held at Knutsford Golf Club.  Four members of the Rex Bridge group were joined by Tatton Probus and a large number of Probus widows and their friends. Hanne and Richard Fenby, both regulars, were unable to join the group due to Covid, 

After an excellent supper, 22 players were divided into five tables with one pair sitting out for each round of four games.  It was a very enjoyable and successful evening and thanks to Peter Comline from Tatton Probus who stepped in at the last minute to organise..

20th October 2022 – Walk – Boseley Locks

Despite the rain the gang seem happy enough.

Richard Martin led a walk, postponed from early summer, starting at Bosley Locks along the Macclesfield Canal. Thanks go to Scott Martin, who – in spite of his serious illness and hospitalisation, kindly arranged for his friend Andy (a volunteer with the Canal & River Trust) to walk down the flight of 12 locks on the Macclesfield Canal explaining their history and workings. Built by the legendary Civil Engineer  – Thomas Telford. So fascinating was his talk that the walkers barely noticed the rain and were happy to spend an hour or so walking the first mile. Leaving Andy at the River Dane Aqueduct the walkers carried on with Richard’s excellent itinerary around North Rode, albeit a damp one. The walkers finally arrived at their destination the Egerton Arms, Chelford for lunch by a welcoming open fire.

13th October 2022 – Annual Probus Golf Match

The Annual Probus golf match between Plumley, Tatton and Rex Probus Clubs, was held at Knutsford Golf Club. The food both before and after the match was excellent.  Neil Stott played extremely well but unfortunately did not win the individual prize this time.  Rex Probus came third this year, but it was, despite the result, an enjoyable day. 

13th October 2022 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Neil Stott, who gave a talk entitled ‘Chains’.

Neil gave a fascinating talk on the development of chains and conveyors from 225BC to the present day before talking about his own Company and the project installations all over the world. The talk was accompanied by a very professional slide show which showed how the conveyor applications are adapted to many, many industries.

6th October 2022 – Walk – Peover Heath

Starting from the Dog Inn Over Peover eight walkers set off on Roy Conchie’s 4 ¾ mile walk around Peover Heath. On returning to the Dog the walkers adjourned for a pleasant lunch.