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26th January 2023 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Mr Peter Turner who gave his presentation entitled ‘Through the Eyes of a Magician’.

Peter explained that he has been a professional Magician for 26 years. He specialises in close up magic at weddings, dinners and on the cruise ships. Various aspects of his craft were demonstrated:

Jerry Bentley volunteered to hold a circular chain which mysteriously became attached to a ring in a flick of an eye.

Terry Parkinson examined a silk handkerchief which disappeared before our very eyes.

Richard Fenby took part in illusions where the Magician played mind games with the audience.

Jack Coleman participated in a card trick where his nominated playing card miraculously appeared.

The Magician then asked Terry Parkinson to step forward again and to open his wallet which, lo and behold, contained the silk handkerchief which had previously disappeared.

Roy Conchie gave the vote of thanks and congratulated Peter on his marvelous and very entertaining talk.

20th January 2023 – Bridge Evening
Eighteen players attended a thoroughly enjoyable Bridge evening at Knutsford Golf Club.  Representatives of our friends from Tatton Probus won the top prize. The next Bridge evening will occur on 3rd March.

12th January 2023 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Mr Julian Bond, who gave a talk entitled ‘Cold War Royal Navy Carrier Operations’.

HMS Ark Royal

Julian explained that he joined the Navy in 1965 for 12 years, learnt to fly in a Tiger Moth before graduating to flying jet aircrafts. This period was the height of the Cold War and the containment of the ambitions of the USSR. Julian described the role of aircraft carriers and his experiences in flying from such big deck carriers such as HMS Eagle and HMS Ark Royal. The talk was accompanied with many photographs from the era.

5th January 2023 – Social – Theatre Visit “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”

The happy group of theatre goers after their enjoyable day.

Some Twenty Probus members, wives, widows and friends witnessed one of the most entertaining stage performances of their lives as they visited the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays. To some The Ocean at the End of the Lane wasn’t quite their “cup of tea” due to the surreal nature of the storyline but most did enjoy. If anyone who has read Neil Gaiman’s best selling book will know what we mean. The stage version of the book was a National Theatre production.

5th January 2023 – Walk – Bowdon/Dunham Massey

Woodland path in Devisdale

David Hartshorn’s walk on 5th January which started at the Stamford Arms in Bowden, proceeded through Devisdale towards Dunham Massey before returning to the Stamford where they were joined by other non-walking members for an enjoyable lunch.