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Thursday 27th July 2023 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Mr Keith Stevens, who gave a talk entitled ‘Money Makes the World Go Round’.

Keith explained that he was not an economist but a physicist by training and had decided to research how our current economic system had evolved where total global debt now amounted to $350 Trillion. Keith’s wide-ranging talk covered the early system of bartering, the introduction of coins and notes, debt and interest, taxation, GDP, inflation, quantative easing, trade debt, China, and bitcoins. A veritable tour de force.

Wednesday 26th July 2023 – Bowls – Lymm Probus v Rex Probus


A trip to the Oughtrington Bowling Club on a pleasant afternoon the Rex bowlers took on their friends from Lymm Probus. A very competitive match is always expected and it is many many years since Rex came away from their opponents with a win. Some tight games were played but earlier than forecasted the weather changed and as rain started to fall it put paid to any continuation of the match. Earlier in the season Rex had to take a loss when the weather intervened at Northwich as the score on these occasions stands when the players walked off. However this time, to the Knutsford mens delight, the rain fell to the Rex advantage with the score standing at 68 – 55.

Thursday 20th July 2023 – Walk – Chelford Area

Photo: Taking a few minutes rest on the Bag Brook Bridge.

Seven walkers set off from the Egerton Arms, Chelford  for a 4.5 mile walk through the fields to the gravel pit lakes. The weather was not very kind and the party took longer stop at the Chelford Stores for their first class bacon ‘butties.’ Returning to the pub where they were joined by Anthony and Liz Whitworth for lunch. Thanks to Roy Conchie for organising and leading the walk which was highly enjoyable despite the weather.

Wednesday 19th July 2023 – Bowls – Knutsford Rex v Church Hulme Probus


Although the weather forecast was ‘mixed’ the conditions throughout the match were ideal. Church Hulme are always welcome visitors to Knutsford and providing a team of some experienced club bowlers a tight match was anticipated. For the first half the scores were very much even so all was to play for in the second half. Knutsford Rex seem to have a regular habit of coming on strong for the second period of their matches and this was no exception with the hosts coming out winners by 101 points to 69.

Tuesday 18th July 2023 – Social – Trip to Visit Concorde at Runway Visitor Park


Over 25 members and guests travelled to the Manchester Airport Runway Visitors Park for a tour around the Concorde aircraft. After an initial briefing the party split in to two groups, one group going into the aircraft whilst the other had a very informative guide around the undercarriage. The obvious highlight was to enter the aircraft and sitting in the passenger area the party were given a very informative talk on the history of Concorde. During the presentation the group was split in to three’s who were invited into the cockpit to sit in the pilots seat viewing the mass of controls. The two larger groups then changed over to enable the full party to enjoy the Concorde visit experience.

Thursday 13th July 2023 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Dave Smith, who gave a talk entitled ‘The Potteries’.

Dave described the 6 towns of Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton which comprise the Potteries giving their geography, history, effect of the industrial revolution, transport and how the Federation came about. Information was also given about the area’s post war boom, subsequent decline in the 1970s and gradual recovery since.

Wednesday 5th July 2023 – Bowls – Macclesfield 2 v Knutsford Rex

Knutsford Rex won by 92 points to 83. [No report available]