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30th August 2023 – Bowls – Weaverham Probus v Knutsford Rex

Weaver Probus who play on the Owley Wood Bowling Club green is one of the only few morning fixtures in the 2023 calendar. The weather was “showery” but fortunately play was only suspended for 10 minutes whilst the weather blew over. Matches against Weaver Probus are always a very friendly affair and this meeting was no exception. Knutsford took a commanding lead in to the half time break which put them on course for an excellent 88 points to 63 victory.

24th August 2023 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Mr Roy Conchie, who gave a talk entitled ‘The Manchester Lunar Group’.

Pic Du Midi Observatory

Roy explained that he could have entitled his talk ‘Selenography’ which is the science of measuring the moon.

Manchester University was ranked best in Europe for physics and, as a result, was chosen by NASA for joint venture in science matters. The Manchester Lunar Programme was initiated in 1952 which utilised the Pic du Midi observatory in France for measuring the moon. Roy studied photography at university and was selected to be part of the Manchester Lunar Group which necessitated visiting the Pic du Midi observatory, which at 9439 feet above sea level meant a precarious cable car ride. The work was to support navigation accuracy for the Apollo project. Whilst Roy was photographing the moon he met such luminaries as Sir Patrick Blackett (Nobel prize winner for physics and President of the Royal Society) and Barnes Wallis (of Dam Busters fame). Roy’s talk was accompanied by many exceptional photographs.

23rd August 2023 – Bowls – Knutsford Rex Probus v Appleton Probus


On a dull day Knutsford Rex welcomed their friends from Appleton Thorn Probus to their Knutsford Bowling Club home. The matches between the two teams have always been competitive whilst remaining friendly. By the half way point Rex were only 8 points in front of their visitors so when eventually the final total points were announced as 101 to 69 in favour of Rex it came as a bit of a surprise to many. Appleton took their defeat in good grace and as always Rex took their victory with humility. Appleton of course reminded Rex that they have still to play at home so there may be an amount of revenge on the agenda.

17th August 2023 – Walk – Woodford

Our walkers set off from the Davenport Arms, Woodford for a picturesque walk to the old airfield and then down to the Bollin Valley and return. The party encountered a herd of cows blocking the right of way but managed to get through unscathed. However, a subsequent field was shin deep in cow dung which necessitated scrambling over fences to avoid. On arrival back at the Davenport Arms the group were joined by three members for a most enjoyable lunch sitting in the sunshine.

6th August 2023 – Bowls – Knutsford Rotary Club v Knutsford Rex Probus


The annual social bowling event took place on a pleasant evening at the Knutsford Bowling Club. Each year the two clubs meet to encourage friendship between their members and although nobody really likes losing the friendly atmosphere was paramount. It was the Rotary who hosted this years event and thanks go out to Jaqui and Keith Poskitt for organising the half time buffet. For the record Knutsford Rex won the match by 99 points to 61. Photo shows Rotary Chairman Andrew Lloyd-Green presenting the winners trophy to the Rex Captain Roger Collins.

10th August 2023 – Club Meeting – Speaker Ian Morison who gave a talk ‘Our Island Universe’

“Our Island Universe” featured the Milky Way Galaxy and its place in time and space. Ian explained that a light year was 9.5 trillion kilometres in length and that the Galaxy was 100,000 light years across. The sun is situated 27,000 light years from the centre of the galaxy on one of the two main spiral arms. The talk was accompanied with a number of exceptional photographs many of which were taken by the Speaker. The talk continued with information about black holes, dark matter and dark energy and concluded with the estimate that the Universe is 13.82 billion years old.

 9th August 2023 – Bowls – Knutsford Rex v Tatton Probus [George Tyror Cup]


The annual George Tyror Cup match versus Tatton Probus was held at the Rex home of Knutsford Bowling Club. Tatton won the trophy last season so Rex were after the spoils from the off. It being a tight affair as expected nobody really knew who had come top as the points scores were returned to the hut. In what was probably a good number of recounts the final score ended up 87-86 in favour of Rex which was greeting by a very loud cheer by the Rex side of the green. Captain Roger Collins on receiving the trophy praised the sportsmanship of Tatton.

3rd August 2023 – Walk – Twemlow Viaduct

The walk started from the George & Dragon at Holmes Chapel. It was intended to walk to the Twemlow Viaduct but, at about the half way point, the severity of the rain enforced a speed retreat back to the pub. At least everyone enjoyed lunch.

2nd August 2023 – Bowls – Fulshaw Wilmslow Probus v Rex Probus


The weather forecast for this match was not encouraging as the rain fell consistently all morning in Knutsford. The rain however, although still a threat, stopped as the players travelled to the Wilmslow Bowling Club Green. So, to the delight of all players, the match started with the conditions actually quite pleasurable. As always the fixture at Wilmslow is competitive and this game was no exception. At the half time break Knutsford were only just in front so the second half the match was all to play for. As the scorecards went in there was a feeling that Knutsford had done enough for a victory and this was confirmed as the home captain read out the score of 81 points to 63 in favour of Knutsford Rex.