Thursday 8th February 2024 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Julian Bond, who gave a talk entitled ‘Escape from Burma’.

Julian gave a talk on the true story of his family’s escape from Rangoon Burma in 1942 as the Japanese invaded and their eventual journey to India. It is also a love story of how his father who was an Armored car reservist also escaped and despite the odds against them managed to get married in a series of bizarre coincidences and luck. It also touches on the route followed by many that became known as The Road of Death as the monsoon broke. Both families had lived in the Far East since East India company days! 

Thursday 1st February 2024 – Walk – Marbury Park

The Walking Group gathered for which was a splendid 4.7 mile walk around Marbury Park. The route was a popular area for dog walkers who seemed to be un-phased by the numbers on a lead. It has to be suspected that a few must have been professional pooch walkers.

At journeys end the group adjourned for lunch at the Northwich Clocktower Pub.