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Thursday 28th March 2024 – Club Meeting – Speaker Mr Roger Brown, who gave a talk, “King’s Tiger Rag.”


Roger Browne is a jazz musician who’s played with the likes of George Chisholm, Humphrey Lyttleton, George Melly, Marion Montgomery, Stefan Grappelli, Bud Freeman, Scott Hamilton, Danny Moss etc.. Roger gave a fascinating presentation detailing how Jazz music came to the UK. Outlining the creation of Nick LaRocca’s Original Dixieland Jazz Band in New Orleans, he explained how they overcame the prejudices of London’s upper-class society at the end of WW1. LaRocca’s band were initially booked for 2 weeks but stayed for 14 months which included a performance at Buckingham Palace in front of King George Vth. Roger performed some intricate Jazz pieces to illustrate his talk.

Thursday 21st March 2024 – Walk – Bollington Area

The Walking Group outing was a figure of 8 route from the Windmill Inn at Whiteley Green taking in the nearby Middlewood Way into Bollington.

Taking the route to the towpath of the Macclesfield Canal the walkers continued south towards the Silk Road into Macclesfield taking in the path to the Middlewood Way for a northward return to Bollington. In Bollington the walkers returned to the Macclesfield Canal passing the historic Clarence Mill after which the Group circled back to Whiteley Green. Once in Whitley Green they were met by other Rex members for an excellent lunch at The Windmill Inn.

Thursday 14th March 2024 – Club Meeting – Speaker, Mr. David Skillen, who gave a talk entitled ‘Pilots ‘n  Petticoats’

David’s talk focussed on the early female pioneers of flight in Balloons up through the days of early winged flight when Baroness Raymonde de Laroche became the first woman to get her pilots licence in March 1910.

Further details followed outlining the careers of Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart who was the first woman to cross the Atlantic as a solo flier.

World War 2 saw the formation of then Air Transport Auxiliary which featured many female pilots who ferried and positioned aircraft as part of the war effort, freeing up their male counterparts for combat duties.

Post war saw women fly in excess of Mach 1 and there were milestones like the first female civil aviation and jet pilot Yvonne Pope Sintes who flew for the budget airline Dan Air.

Friday 8th March – Re-Union – Albert Price

I nice visit to the Dun Cow by our popular ex member Albert Price. Albert now lives in North Wales but took the opportunity to catch up on old times with a few of his Rex Probus friends.

Thursday 7th March 2024 – Walk – Dunham Woodhouses

A group of the Club’s most intrepid walkers ventured out on their regular Thursday walk around the area of Dunham Woodhouses, taking in part of the Trans Pennine Way and the Bridgewater Canal.  As is the way the weather smiled on our 4.25 mile perambulations, with early spring sunshine. The stroll finished at the Vine Inn, where we were met with a warm welcome to enjoy a lovely lunch and a cracking pint and where we were joined by 3 other club members.