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Jerry Bentley organised a three day walking holiday in North Wales over the 3 days 30th April to 2nd May and, based in Bangor, they had mixed weather in Snowdonia. At the last meeting Jerry reported on the walk at Cats Tor and Shining Tor organised by Peter Maxwell, but hopes of some fine views at the top of  Cheshire’s highest peak were killed by the mist.

Scott Martin led the Discussion Group’s new format with a talk on the UK Rail Network when they met for the monthly meeting at the Mere and Tabley Community Club on Tuesday.

Roger Collins’ monthly report on the progress of the Bowls team  was again a mixture of “not so good news” and “some bad news” with a draw  against Tatton Probus 96-96 and a defeat at home to Northwich Probus 108-100.

Members and their wives attending the Supper and Theatre outing to The Lowry to see “The Mousetrap” on May 14 will now join the coach at the Knutsford Sports Club  at 3.00 pm.

Andy Whitaker told the last meeting that the annual golf match against Tatton Probus will be held at the Knutsford Golf Club on October 10 and will this year be a 9 holes Stableford  team event.

The summer lunch will be held at the Deanwater Hotel on June 12.

Simon le Frenais gave a detailed talk on Queen Victoria at the 25th April meeting concentrating on the fact that she was a carrier of haemophilia. She married Prince Albert  and they had nine children who all married into European Royal families.

Simon showed how haemophilia was spread across three generations of Royal families before the First World War and how after it  27 Royal European households either abdicated or were deposed.

Complicated associations led to Mr le Frenais concluding that Queen Victoria became a carrier of haemophilia in one of three ways – by genetic mutation, illegitimacy or changeling. But sadly he did not have the answer he said which left the members  appreciative of his talk but no more the wiser how she got it and how she did not pass it on to King Edward VII so that there is no haemophilia in the British Royal family.