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The last meeting of the Club featured an engrossing talk by Professor Nigel Linge of Salford University on the future of our world with the development of “The Internet of Things” which will supersede “SMART” in the coming few years.  “1984” is long gone; “2024” is the future with its thrilling possibilities and frightening dangers of IOT.

Already “SMART” technology can enable one to control heating and security systems  by mobile phone and there are systems whereby users can order goods on line just by speaking into what looks like an inanimate object. But Professor Linge spoke of the day not far away when you can order just like that and the order will be delivered to your doorstep by  a drone in the minimum of time.

He went on to talk about driverless cars and how Salford University had one under trial. He said he could see the day when people would not need to own  their own car. Driverless cars would be available at the press of a button to take people where they wanted to go.

Industry  would be the greatest beneficiary of the IOT with companies needing less staff with more efficient automation while he foresaw a future IOT city where the street lighting saved energy by switching itself on and off when needed and where the lamp posts would have IOT technology to make communication speeds even greater. The IOT would have almost everything  connected to data processors – factories, hospitals, homes- life would change.

Members of the Club , retired or about to retire businessmen , were most appreciative of the talk and Professor Linge answered their many questions.

Back to more mundane matters and  the bowls team won their last two matches against Macclesfield 2 Probus and Fulshaw Wilmslow much to the relief of their secretary Roger Collins while successful trips to Chester Zoo and the Highways England North West Regional Control Centre at Newton-le-Willows were reported. The Annual Summer Lunch  attracted over 6o members and their wives to the Deanwater Hotel.

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