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At the Club’s meeting on 28th November there was an external speaker, Tom Cunningham, speaking about The Battle of Trafalgar and the complex life of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson. The speaker explained the implementation of Nelson’s ambitious plan to ambush and attack the Franco-Spanish fleet off the Cape of Trafalgar and the decisive victory. Whilst the British had the advantage of well-trained men that delivered accurate gunnery the victory was remarkable considering that the French and Spanish outnumbered the British with 30,000 men to our 18,000 and 2,600 guns to our 2,100. Yet under 500 British sailors were killed whilst about 6,000 French and Spanish died. There was of course much sadness with the death of Nelson and the abandonment of most of the enemy ships that the British had captured when a fierce storm raged afterwards.

There were updates on the Club’s activities, the highlights in recent weeks being indoor bowls, the bowler’s annual dinner at the Dun Cow, the bridge and supper evening at Knutsford Golf Club, and an organised five mile walk with 14 walkers on the Manchester canals from the Etihad Stadium to Old Trafford. The walk visited New Islington, went under Piccadilly Station, along Canal Street in the Gay Village and under several busy roads in the City. Lunch was at Albert’s Shed in the Castlefield Basin at lock 92 on the Rochdale Canal.

December is a busy month with the traditional Christmas walks in Tatton Park and lunch at Giovanni’s, the Club’s Christmas lunch at Statham Lodge in Lymm, the final Club meeting of the year with an external speaker talking about Christmas Words and Music and an evening visit to Christmas at Tatton which includes a festive performance of the Northern Chamber Orchestra with songs sung by the Choir of St Nicholas Catholic High School, Northwich.