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From Scott Martin

Despite the obvious restrictions, and loss of the social programme since March 2020, Knutsford Rex Probus Club has succeeded in maintaining contact with its 50 members using regular telephone calls and ZOOM video online conferencing for Club meetings, the IT group, and the discussion group. ZOOM meetings are recorded so that those that miss a meeting can view the event shortly afterwards. There have also been some outside activities such as walking, golf and crown green bowling.  The Club has an excellent well populated web site which is maintained in-house by club member Alan Allcock.    The Club started in 1968 and prides itself on being one of the most active Probus clubs in the country with, for example, 170 events in 2019. 

Club chairman, Jim Flett and the other members of the Committee have guided the Club through what is almost certainly the most difficult period in the Club’s history and the membership is appreciative of that. The Committee has devised a rolling programme of events so that activities can recommence when appropriate.

The speakers at the two most recent ZOOM meetings have been members of the Club.  On 25th February 2021, David Bryant, Club Member, and past Chairman and local historian spoke about ‘Henry & Julius Caesar – Knutsford Summer House Builders 1871-1939’.  

David explained that the Caesar family ran the Knutsford based business from 1871 until 1906 and the business was sold on twice before it closed in 1939. David showed on screen a supply of brochures of mainly 19th century designs which continued to be produced into the first half of the 20th century.  It specialised in upmarket rustic summer houses, including one design which was produced for Queen Victoria.

On 11th March 2021, Andrew Whitaker, Club Member and Retired Chemical Engineer, spoke about Penicillin.  He demonstrated a detailed understanding of the subject starting with his work in relation to a penicillin production plant in Bulgaria.  Andy referred to bacteria, pathogens and toxins that cause illness and sometimes death. He explained the roles of Alexander Fleming, Howard Florey, Ernst Boris Chain and Norman Heatley and others. British companies were largely uninterested in taking up production and the Rockefeller Foundation and Pfizer developed penicillin commercially for the US military and their allies. Penicillin remains to this day as one of the foremost drugs in medicine.  One club member stated that penicillin had almost certainly saved his life.

The Club is open to retired and partially retired men living in the wider Knutsford area. Potential members please contact the Club Secretary.

In due course, in line with Government guidance, the Club will return to its base at Mere and Tabley Community Club on the second and fourth Thursdays each month.  The Club Secretary is Richard Martin – email  [email protected]

The Club’s extensive web site is at www.knutsfordrexprobus.co.uk